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Kubernetes Database-as-a-Service

A unique Kubernetes Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) Operator for declarative, self-service database provisioning in DBMS solutions.

Use familiar tools

DBAs implement stored procedures, cluster administrators deploy the Operator, end-users write short declarative YAML files.

Simple self-service mechanism

You don't need to be a Kubernetes expert; once set up it's as simple as running  kubectl apply -f db.yaml.

Flexible configuration

Designed with flexibility in mind from the ground-up, you are in charge of how databases are provisioned.

Modern tech-stack

Extend the Kubernetes API with custom resources and deploy the Operator using Helm.

Open-source software

Fully deploy the Operator in your own infrastructure. It's open-source, and it will always be.

Kubernetes Secrets

Database secrets are stored using Kubernetes Secrets, giving applications transparent, secure access to credentials.